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Venture Capital Trust Investments – Discount opportunity.

by | Nov 4, 2020

1% discount on initial fees for new and additional investments

Do you want to help create jobs, reward innovation, and bolster the UK economy? Are you looking for potential tax-free dividend payments? Then GSI may have a great opportunity for you. 

Venture Capital Trust’s (VCT’s) are a tax-efficient investment vehicle that offers a way to invest into small UK early-stage companies, some of which have the potential to grow significantly and to transform their chosen field or even establish a new industry. 

The UK Government introduced VCT’s in 1995 as a way of encouraging people to invest into Britain’s exciting, entrepreneurial businesses. This more dynamic sector of the UK market comes with higher risks for investors. Smaller companies often struggle in their early years and have a higher failure rate than larger companies so to encourage investment into this area, the Government added attractive tax reliefs. 

Although VCT’s invest in unlisted or AIM-listed companies, VCT’s themselves are listed on the London Stock Exchange, and operate in a regulated environment. When investors purchase new VCT shares, they are entitled to claim a range of tax incentives on investments up to £200,000 each year. 

  • Up to 30% upfront income tax relief  
  • If VCT shares are sold for a profit, the proceeds will not be liable for capital gains tax. 
  • If a VCT pays dividends, there is no tax to pay, and dividends do not need to be declared on a tax return. 

However, it is important to remember that the tax benefits are there to compensate for the high risk of investing into small VCT-qualifying companies. GSI works with one of Europe’s largest venture capital teams that attracts some of the best available investment opportunities in the market. New investors will benefit from immediate exposure to around 80 existing portfolio companies and a targeted regular dividend of 5p per share each year, along with special dividends when there are significant gains from the sale of portfolio holdings.

This VCT opportunity is designed for those who take a long-term view to investing, are interested in investing in early stage UK companies, and who are looking for an investment that targets high levels of capital growth.  If you are not comfortable with the risks involved with unlisted companies, this investment will not be right for you.

Please contact your GSI IFA to chat through what VCT opportunities are available to you. 

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