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Achievement of Excellence Award – GSI Wills & Trusts

by | Jan 6, 2021

GSI Group’s legal Services business has once again been acknowledged for its dedication and service excellence regarding Estate Planning.

“This is the 9th year in a row that GSI Wills & Trusts has been recognised and a proud moment for us all” said Paul Mitchell, GSI Director. “GSI Wills & Trusts offers typically family-controlled precedents developed by our legal partners that are flexible enough to allow you to distribute your estate as and when you wish – We tailor each solution to suit your individual needs.” Said Paul.

If you are looking for any advice or assistance, please contact GSI for any needs today:

Single Person Beneficiary Protection Plan
  • Bloodline protection
  • Provides a framework for next generation tax benefits for beneficiaries
  • Protects lifetime gifting to beneficiaries
  • Married Couple Beneficiary Protection Plan
Bloodline protection
  • Protects Nil Rate Band values of the first spouse to die and the residual estate of the second spouse
  • Protects inheritances for intended beneficiaries when the second spouse dies
  • Protects lifetime gifting to beneficiaries
Protective Gifting Trust
  • Protected lifetime transfer of assets to your client’s chosen beneficiaries
  • Provides tax benefits equalling £40,000 for every £100,000 directed through the Trust
  • Once established, the Trust can be used repeatedly
Specialist Trust Planning

We offer a range of planning solutions to address the specialist needs of business owners and those with additional properties or buy-to-let assets, which deliver:

  • Protective family succession
  • Significant additional tax planning opportunities


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