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Why GSI Group is one of the best places to work – officially!

by | May 7, 2023

We've been named one of the best financial advisers to work for in the country in the recent Professional Adviser Awards!

It’s in every business’s interest to know how it is rated by its employees. If they don’t like working there, the business runs the risk of suffering from high staff turnover, low productivity and a poor reputation among its clients as well as staff. At GSI Group we know that our most valuable asset is our staff, and we work hard to maximise satisfaction and fulfilment among the team.


We are now one of those lucky businesses that knows that its staff are happy – officially!


The company has been named one of the best financial advisers to work for in the country in the recent Professional Adviser Awards. This award is based on employee feedback, rather than someone’s external viewpoint, so it means the world to us. As well as boosting the profile of the firm, it also lets future employees know that they are potentially joining a team where they will be valued and appreciated.

It’s vital for a business to have an engaged and happy workforce, which brings benefits in terms of increased productivity and enhanced reputation – and in the competitive world of business, reputation is everything!

If the workforce is happy and feels appreciated and valued, all the staff will want to do their best for the business. This manifests itself in the company gaining a reputation for providing the best, top level customer service. But a company isn’t just about building a brand and reputation for its customers, it also has to do the same for its future employees and be an attractive place to work.

The post-Covid era has brought a new demand for flexibility for employees, they want to be able to choose where to work and to balance their time with family commitments. These are all things that responsible companies have had to take into consideration and adapt to, in order to meet the needs of their workforce. They need to ensure they are retaining the best people and have the structure there to be able to recruit the best people in the future.

This award confirms that our aim of adopting a culture of belonging, mutual appreciation and enhanced productivity is paying off. However, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We recognise that as times change so do the needs of our workforce. We will be continually monitoring and keeping up with all staff requirements, so that we continue to be recognised as one of the best places to work well into the future.


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