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Disputes over inheritance increase as families go to war

by | Oct 7, 2020

We’ve held the opinion for some time now that disputes over inheritance are set to rise – mainly due to the ever-increasing value of home and properties in general. Last year it was recorded that 188 cases were heard in the high court on this matter (a 47% increase on the year before – and that’s just the number that made it to court, as many are settled before the case even gets there).  The validity of a will can be contested for a number of reasons –  such as lack of mental capacity when it was made, errors in the way the will was executed or written, or because of undue influence over the person making the will.  Home-made wills can often be a source of such disputes and are often understandably done to save a few pounds – but wind up costing the families potentially thousands.

A will alone simply distributes your estate.  It offers no protection for the family leading to potentially second or even third generational inheritance tax. If you have not written your will and would like to discuss how this should be written to make sure your needs are met and your wishes respected, please do call us.

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