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Financial freedom: The true benefit of advice

by | Oct 7, 2020

In times of crisis, looking after your mental wellbeing is vital. Receiving sound and impartial financial advice brings a whole array of benefits – not just by way of a plan for the future, but studies have shown that having a financial adviser to call on has helped to improve the emotional wellbeing of individuals. Feeling in control and knowledgeable of their finances helps people feel happier and reduces anxiety – especially in turbulent, uncertain times.

While a feeling of financial freedom has a positive mental effect for those who utilise financial advice, those that haven’t had the benefit are often in the dark as to the positives it can bring. With busy lives,  frantic day-to-day work, looking after the children, and remembering to walk the dog, there’s often little time left to ponder the idea of talking about financial futures. A recent report into this topic highlighted 75% of the respondents have never received advice from a financial adviser (out of 4,000 respondents).

If you have friends or family members who’re struggling to see the wood for the trees in these trying times, and who you think will benefit from receiving financial advice from one of our independent financial advisers  – please free free to encourage them to pick up the phone. It’s amazing what a difference to a person’s emotional wellbeing that a simple call can make.

(Survey – Royal London – Feeling the benefit of financial advice 2020).

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