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Opinion: The 2022 Recession Is not on the way

by | Apr 8, 2022

Everyone seems certain that a recession is coming later this year, and everyone is showing you indicators of why a recession is definitely on the way in 2022. Sasha Yanshin gives us his view on why ‘everyone’ might not be right.


“I don’t share this point of view and although it may well come in the end, I don’t see the data supporting an immediate arrival of a recession.” Said Sasha.

“Sure – there are issues at hand with a massive inflation problem, rates going up and commodity prices surging. And people will point to indicators like the inversion of the yield curve and other factors that in their opinion mean the 2022 recession is inevitable. But when you look at the data more closely, it really isn’t as clear cut as that and there are a lot of nuances that I will discuss in this video.”

A few views from Sasha’s experience that might just come in handy.

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